Alma Necklace

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Alma Necklace

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Amazing conversation piece of art jewelry. Each Tagua nut has it some skin remaining on side ,but the true beauty comes out by cutting the Tagua nut in slices.

This shows each nuts individual characteristic. This was our BEST SELLER in our spring 2018 collection.

  • 20" length necklace.

  • Quality jewelry made by skilled Artisans.

  • Shine comes from 12 hours of tumbling, All organic process.

  • Organic vegetable dyes used by High End Fashion Designers.

  • Sustainable Tagua nut is product used

  • Gold beads used to accent piece.

  • Jewelry faux leather cord with Tagua nut toggle

  • Due the characteristics of each nut ever piece is unique.

  • Become a Tagua Lover Today 💓💓💓

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