Carved Ivory Bracelet

Carved Ivory Bracelet

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This earring is handmade made from the all natural Tagua nut, and is elegant, sophisticated and eco friendly. The tagua nut is thinly slice and the skin is removed from the center of each piece. You get to pick your color surrounded by the Tagua skin….Difinietly each piece is different and unique.

  •   Adjustable elastic band.

  • Quality jewelry made by skilled Artisans.

  • Shine comes from 12 hours of tumbling, All organic process.

  • Organic vegetable dyes used by High End Fashion Designers.

  • Sustainable Tagua nut is product used.

  • Due the characteristics of each nut ever piece is unique.

  • Become a Tagua Lover Today 💓💓💓


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